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Help Rebuild

Isle a Vache after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew struck the southern peninsula of Haiti with 160mph winds and 7-10 ft. storm swells. The Island of Isle a Vache has essentially been destroyed. Now, the 15,000 people who live on that island desperately need our help to rebuild. Just Mercy's base on the island and both of our boats werepreserved by the mercy of God, sustaining
minimal damage. The Haitian's have machetes and hand saws, if they are lucky;
Just Mercy has chainsaws, a band saw mill, 
and an experienced builder to lead the 
project. We have the equipment, the base of operations, the expertiese and the leadershipto salvage the trees taken down by the hurricane, mill them into lumber, and use them to rebuild the Haitian's homes. We believe that God prepared the way for this recovery mission long before we knew it 
would be needed - for such a time as this. Adventure Mission will be leading teams 
through-out the coming year to do clean up, salvage trees, and help rebuild the decimated homes and villages on Isle A Vache. If you have a heart for these people in their desperate time of need, join a team this year and let's help give these people back their homes!
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